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Packing: 1 KIT 1000 MCG (5 VIALS 200 MCG EACH)
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IGF-1-DES is another version of the peptide performing better affinity to the various receptors of growth factors.

IGF-1-DES binds to deformed by lactic acid receptors. This is a known effect during extreme workouts. This feature allows the peptide to affected receptors and boost muscle growth during workouts.

That is why to achieve the best effect of the  IGF-1-DES it is recommended to use it right before a workout to give the product enough time to get absorbed in the blood and to get activated in the muscle tissues.

Other empirical evidences prove that  IGF-1-DES for spot injections to stimulate certain muscles hyperplasia. However you should mind that the product has a very short half life of 20-30 minutes. Thus the spot injection should be made right before the workout.

The new IGF1-DES product, we offer, passes the comprehensive quality control keeping to the highest UPS quality and safety standards. The control test panel includes bio testing on living cells and muscle tissues to prove clinical effects and safety of the product for humans. None of other IGF1 products passes the same quantity of tests.