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Novomedin is one of the few available peptide products on the market. It is an insulin-like growth factor of 1 type lr3 being produced strictly keeping to the highest pharm standards of safety and quality.

- The degree of purity of this pro product surpasses the standard for recombinant products set by the United States Pharmacopoeia and achieves 98%.

- The peptide product has successfully passed the USP tests for availability of foreign protein structures, allergens and triggers as well toxins.

The product has been comprehensively tested in labs on living cells to prove its efficacy on humans.

The production process of a recombinant natural peptide of the class of quality and purity as Novomedin is, requires multiple steps and the strictest technological control of the entire process.

The least change of the composition of the peptide due to non-careful keeping to the standards of production will sufficiently affect and reduce the efficiency of the peptide. The most vulnerable part of the process is the aggregation or peptide molecules (folding into one another forming the aggregates). The least deviation from purification technologies will result in critical decrease of efficiency and clinical effect of the product. The Somedin is produced strictly keeping to all the standards and technologies in production cycle. Its purity and parameters meet and even surpass the preset patented parameters of IGF1 lr3.

Every vial holds 200mcg of active ingredient. As its shelf life is only 7 days after being reconstituted and after start of the usage this dosage is optimum for every vial to use the protein for various goals.

Do not experiment with your body and do not try lower dosages of IGF1 lr3. The vials containing 1000mcg are not developed for several time usage and its shelf life is too short to for several times.

There are empirical and scientific evidences as well as real life experience of pro sportsmen and their trainers that IGF1 lr3 is the top and the only effective and safe product (apart from being legit) to perform effect with as low dosages as 100-200mg per every vial.