Brand: Genoxon
Packing: 1 KIT 120 IU (5 VIALS 24 IU EACH)
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Price: $300.00

Each NovoTrop vial contains 8mg (24IU) of Somatropin lyophilized with 25mg of mannitol.

NovoTrop proved to be rather efficient for patients who faced growth hormone deficiency. This medication belongs to amino acid based class and mainly consists of its sequences in addition to bacterium Escherichia coli.

All components which can be found in NovoTrop have been efficiently modified and developed with only one purpose. We tried our best to make this medication able to mimic growth hormone that is located in humans’ pituitary gland. Our treatment makes it possible to stimulate not only tissue and cell growth, but also develop muscle and skeleton growth and improve all types of metabolism processes in individual’s organism.

Produced by GenoXon NovoTrop comes in form of powder combined with Mannitol. Such efficient mixture provides organism with necessary stable amount of water for injections.

The treatment for hormone growth deficiency is available in 8mg vials. Every package includes 5 vials. Patients can also purchase single vials in case of necessity to meet individual’s requirements and needs. All patients are recommended following prescriptions and instructions provided by health care provider.